Philosophy As a Framework For Learning

Mathiea Society

Welcome to the Matheia Society

The Matheia Society is a vibrant intellectual community dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and the cultivation of wisdom. Founded on the principles of philomatheia (the love of learning) and arimatheia (excellence and virtue in learning), our society seeks to foster a deep, coherent understanding of the world through philosophical inquiry.

Our Goals:

  • Promote Universal Philosophical Inquiry: We explore fundamental questions that transcend cultural and temporal boundaries, encompassing Western, African, Asian, and Mid-Eastern philosophical traditions.
  • Encourage Intellectual Virtue: We value the virtues essential for excellence in learning, encouraging members to engage with philosophical ideas rigorously and ethically.
  • Foster Inclusive Dialogue: Our platform provides a forum for scholars to share, critique, and develop ideas, ensuring diverse perspectives and interdisciplinary collaboration.
  • Support Emerging Scholars: By offering a space for unpublished and developing works, we aim to bridge the gap between traditional academic publishing and the innovative contributions of new thinkers.
  • Cultivate a Coherent Worldview: Through addressing twelve fundamental philosophical questions, we guide members in constructing a comprehensive and coherent understanding of self, community, and nature.

Join us in our mission to advance philosophical thought and contribute to the collective wisdom of humanity.

Introduction to the Twelve Fundamental Questions

At the heart of the Matheia Society’s mission are the Twelve Fundamental Questions, which serve as a framework for exploring the vast landscape of philosophical inquiry. These questions address the essential aspects of existence, ethics, society, and knowledge, providing a comprehensive approach to understanding our world and our place within it.